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Default 1.861 breaks Kontakt

When I open my songs with Kontakt under 1.861, it says something to the effect that the plug-in could not be loaded, but the configuration will be saved.

I downgraded to 1.859, and all is happy again.

Any idea what's going on?

Also, a song with 5 instances of Kontakt and a couple of other VSTi's is taking 5-10 seconds to initiate playback after pressing play. Any idea what is slowing it down? Settings I could change? I will try to concatenate the Kontakt instances into one multi-output instance, but I didn't expect to encounter problems so quickly. But maybe that's all it is....

I'm running a 1.6 centrino laptop.

Any tips appreciated.

eric moon
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You may be dealing with two separate issues:

1 - I've found Kontakt to hang/freeze with Reaper from many versions back. My workaround is to insert a VSTi host into the track (Phrazor in my case) and then insert Kontakt into Phrazor. No hangs after that.

2 - I've not tried to push the limit but I've had no problem with running 3-4 instances of Kontakt with 3-4 nki's per Kontakt (approx 9 - 16 nki's total), all with very smooth playback (P4 XP desktop). So it may not be a Reaper issue in terms of playback lag.

Good luck.
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