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Default SUPER 8 - MIDI mapping conflict


I absolutely love the super8 plugin and I have created a session for live free looping which tries to mimic boomerang/boss RC505 type of devices.
All is going great, but since I'm using stereo inputs, mapping the rec/play of both 1-2 and 3-4 squares to the same CC number in my midi footswitch causes the rec-play functions to alternate after I finish the phrase and trigger overdub (only 1-2 go into overdub, while 3-4 go to play). Is this a known bug, or something which could be sorted?

I have solved this so far, by using 2 super-8 plugins in series in the fx track, the first one records 1-2 and the second 3-4. Mapping the rec/play to the same CC in this case works fine, but ideally I'd only have 1 super8 per track.


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