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Default A great (maybe, hopefully) idea about a macro script


Just like to share an idea about making a macro knob that can control multiple parameters (across different plugins) at once, and also control how much the macro can modulate the parameter, and most importantly, do it with least mouse moving, key clicking possible.

Here's how I envision the script to behave:

There's a tiny setting up to do when launching the script for the first time.

execute the script and a window like this opens up. https://ibb.co/mHhr6fD (I know I'm such an artist )

on the top is the macros, and bottom is mod matrix, which is empty now because nothing is assigned yet.

Click on the first macro and move a midi knob (say CC2), and it now controls the macro. Do the same for other macros too.

That's it for the set up.

So say if I want the macro to raise the filter cutoff on Serum by 50%, and raise the band 1Q on ReaEQ by 30%, here's how:

1. execute the script, and the script window opens.

2. click on the first macro, it's now blinking, showing that the parameters we choose now will be linked to macro 1.

3. click the filter cutoff knob in Serum, and move it to where you want the minimum position to be. Let's say we want it to be 10%.

4. execute the script again.

5. move filter cutoff to where you want the maximum value to be, which is 50% above the current value, so 60%.

6. execute the script again, and the assignment now shows on Mod Matrix.

And now when you move the macro or the midiCC2 , it will move the filter cutoff from 10% min to 60% max. (0% on midi knob=10% cutoff and 100% on midi knob= 60% cutoff)

7. open the ReaEQ plugin and repeat the same process for the band 1 Q. Don't have to choose macro 1 again because it's already chosen until you choose a different macro.

The window should look like this when it's done. https://ibb.co/7g7SsCX

text explaination is lengthy but actually doing it should be super fast. just like biu biu biu and done!!

Basically, move parameter to min. position, hit hotkey, move to max. position, hit hotkey again and that's it.

The aforementioned mod matrix is pretty much like the mod matrix you see in soft synths like Serum etc. So after finish assigning the midiCC and parameters they'll show up in the matrix. In the matrix you can adjust the min/max range, the slope, or invert or bypass it.

Lastly and most importantly, the macro has to be recordable and automate-able. Say if it's assigned to CC2, and you draw some CC2 movement in a region and hit play, it's going to affect the assigned parameters during playback. Or if you wanna use automation instead, the macro can be added to the automation lane.

Thank you so much for going through this lengthy post. It's a pretty simple idea, but I just want to make sure to explain it clearly.

What do you guys think? How useful or executable does it sound to you?

I've just started learning scripting recently, and just wanna check if this idea interests you guys, or if any coder is interested in making this come true.
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Sounds similar enough to lbx stripper to mention..
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Or Mapping Panel by Mpl allows for formula's min max etc..

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Indeed, there are a number of ways to does the same thing, there's also Realearn by Helgoboss.
But using them just don't feel as spontaneous as using the macro knobs on soft synths where you can drag and drop and adjust the range right on the parameter. So if this idea can be made, it can achieve that. Mouse wouldn't have to leave the parameter to finish assigning the modulation.
yeah, I'm just being too picky about workflow, but isn't that part of why we chose reaper? To customize the workflow to your needs : p
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