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Default New function list in IDE

This is probably a big ask - and only really needed by someone creating huge scripts (eg. me!! ) But thought I'd pose the question anyway...

I love the Reaper IDE - it's nicely laid out - has features specific to creating Reascripts (obviously), and has a nice immediacy to edit and run the working script - so don't like to use an external editor.

But - I feel the right-click function list is severely lacking.

I have now created 2 projects with 100+ and growing functions which are just not easily accessible via the right-click function list menu - scrolling through the menu takes forever (at least on windows) as mouse wheel does not work on the list and the up and down arrows only slowly advance the list one by one.


What I'd love is to be able to switch the right side watch bar (maybe via tabs) to a list of the functions (like the right-click) - so that I can quickly find the function I require (using a scroll bar and mouse-wheel). This would speed up my workflow massively - and be easier just to browse the (often not always best named) functions I've got at my disposal.

Maybe have a refresh button - so when you create new functions - they will only appear after hitting the refresh button (which re-scans the code for new functions). Saves having to constantly monitor and update the function list - but I wouldn't complain if this was done automatically either of course.


Another thing that would be incredible useful - and I've not found it available yet - is when I find a function call in my code - some way of making the IDE jump to the function definition within the code. This is pretty common in most development IDE's I've used.

If this is already there - then great - I just need to work out how to do it!! (Only just recently found out that F4 jumps between start and end points of a code segment).

So maybe where ctrl-RB shows the function header, shift-RB (or similar) might jump the IDE to the function definition itself. Or maybe put the edit cursor on the function XXX and press an F key to jump to the function XXX definition.


Anyway - think these two requests would make traversing the script much quicker. I've resorted to using the F3 and searching for the function XXX - but this is slow and cumbersome and only works when I can remember the exact name of the function (or a unique part of the name). Sometimes I just resort to scrolling around where I think the function definition is - but with 20,000 lines of code and counting - this is not quick either.

Many thanks,
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