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Default Global automation override: bypass selectively track envelopes OR take envelopes

In Reaper, volume, pan, pitch and mute processors exist within each audio take. They can be automated directly within the take using "Take volume envelope", "Take pan envelope", "Take pitch envelope" and "Take mute envelope" that can be accessed thru right clic on an Audio take. These envelopes are attached to the take.

This feature is very useful: when I compose, I first work on individual audio items, on which I adjust envelopes and FX (using Take FX), thus creating autonomous audio objects.
Then I move these items around in the song, and finally I do track automation.

During track automation process, I sometimes need to bypass track envelopes using the Global Automation Override Feature.
At the moment, this feature bypasses all envelopes in the project: track envelopes as well as take envelopes. But in most cases, I would like to keep take envelopes running.

Feature request: ability to bypass selectively track envelopes OR take envelopes.

Thank you.
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