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Default Media Explorer: Browsing with keys

The media explorer is very nice, but it's missing one important feature for fluent browsing:

Open the media editor and go to a directory (I use the up/down keys and "return" to enter). Go up a directory again (press backspace). Press up/down, nothing happens. It would be great if at this point the directory you just went out of was selected, so you can continue moving with the up/down keys.

And if you enter a directory, and no file is selected and you press "down" (i.e. "Select next file in directory"), it should select the first file/folder in that directory. If you press "up", it should select the last file in that folder. If you have used Mac OS X Finder, that's the behavior I'm looking for.

Shouldn't be too hard to implement I guess, and I think it's a nice idea
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+1 for this!
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