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Default Soundcraft SI Impact with MADI/USB Card

having trouble getting this to work with a MAC running OS 10.14

Equipment is Soundcraft SI Impast with MADI/USB Combo cad included

Plugged in USB Cable to MAC - Soundcraft device was recognized and installed by Reaper

I have mapped channels 1 thru 32 to 33 thru 64 on the board as recommended by Soundcraft.

However, when I go and look at device settings it only shows ch 1 thru 32 - I am assuming this is why I am getting no audio recognized as it is looking for 33 thru 64 from the board not 1 thru 32 ?

If I look at audio devices in the MAC OS I can see the soundcraft device, I choose it as a device that allows audio input but the faders are all grey and I can't click on them ..

I guess my real question is - Is Reaper compatible with this madi/usb card and compatible with USB recording on a MAC?

Someone else used this recently with their MAC and it worked but I believe they were using ProTools
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