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Default Script to track action execution


I'm trying to figure out how to do a script to record action usage statistics.
I'm looking for something that helps me listen to the new action events and writing the action name in a file with two collections:
[{action_name : trigger_count}]
[{action_name : time_stamp}]

The issue is that I can't figure out how to do any of those.
Any pointers?

I'm planning in the long run to try and make a last used and most used UI element.

Another option for the statistics is an external script that listens for reaper close events and then searches for the undo files so that it can parse them. I'm still trying to discover if there are any action names stored in that file.
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An extension plugin can do that (they can be directly notified just before any action is run). ReaScripts can only watch the undo state for changes and attempt to guess which action caused it.

EDIT: Or amagalma's suggestion below.

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Try this as a starting point:
(requires JS_ReaScriptAPI and SWS)
local MainWindow = reaper.GetMainHwnd()
reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Intercept( MainWindow, "WM_COMMAND", true )
local _, _, p_time = reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Peek( MainWindow, "WM_COMMAND" )

function StopIntercept()
  reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Release( MainWindow, "WM_COMMAND" )
  return reaper.defer(function() end)


function main()
  local _, _, time, actionID = reaper.JS_WindowMessage_Peek( MainWindow, "WM_COMMAND" )
  if time ~= p_time then
    local name = reaper.CF_GetCommandText( 0, actionID )
    reaper.ShowConsoleMsg((name or "unnamed") .. " ( " .. actionID .. " )\n")
    p_time = time

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Cool! thanks for the hints! I'll start coding
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