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Default midi parameter control in the track/channel view.

hey..i have this one problem with reaper..and i'm not sure what's responsible for it.

so say you make a midi track controlling a hardware device..and you put ReaControlMidi (or any VSTi/JS plugin that sends midi ccs/sysex etc etc). And for example on ReaControlMidi i chose modwheel in control change slot one. And I decide to make a knob on the Track and Channel view to control that plugin parameter.

If i have midi notes playing...and i turn that knob..why does the stream of midi notes slow down significantly? (it doesnt with the actually midi CC input..but only when i adjust that specific item within reaper)

does it have something to do with PDC? is it a preference setting. Ive tried this on a variety of different systems and the results have been similar.


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