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Default Issue with MIDI Drums From Roland TD11KV - Notes too long/missing?

Hi guys,

I hope this is the right places for this, if not let me know. So I am a bit of newbie to Reaper. I've been getting along okay by myself but have run into a issue. I looked for several hours if there was a solution but haven't found one - any help would be greatly appreciated.

So I am using my Roland TD11KV via my Focus Scarlett 2i4 to input MIDI drums into Reaper. I am using Studio Drummer in Kontakt 5.

I managed to get everything triggering pretty much correctly however as soon as I play fast the MIDI that has been recorded does not sound right. At first I thought notes were missing but now I have realised they are just not in the correct places. The velocities seem to vary a lot as well. For example one or two notes in a quick fill or roll will record as though they were hit way harder than the rest, despite this not being the case. Essentially any fast drumming sounds really sloppy.

What I have noticed is that the note length registered in Reaper varies greatly, with the first hit of each drum in a roll being significantly longer than the rest. Could this be somehow offsetting the subsequent hits? Is the MIDI signal not switching off correctly?

Some things I have looked into:
- Doesn't appear to be anything with the interface as I get the same thing when the Roland module is directly connected via USB to pc.
- There is no default quantising turned on.
- I have a half decent pc, and so far it hasn't had a single issue with Reaper whatsoever.
- I have a MIDI keyboard hooked up to Reaper using kontakt and have had no issues with that.

I am really stuck on this and have looked into a lot of different possibilities but just can't seem to find any answers.

Any help would be amazing, thanks. (If this has been posted anywhere before I am sorry, spent a long time searching and didn't find anything)
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