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Default Loop interlude tracks live

I've been using Reaper for my band's live performances for a little over a year now with great results. One thing I've noticed lately is sometimes (especially the last gig we had) we need a little bit longer of a break in between songs to tune, fix something, or drink water than I've allocated in the interlude track between songs.

Is there anyway with a MIDI controller, or some other method, to make Reaper loop a region on the fly and then move on in the project? I can easily send a MIDI signal out from either my POD HD, or the drummer can use a drum module.

The other (less ideal) option I was thinking about was just making the interlude tracks longer than we'd ever need them and then just setting a marker so someone could press the corresponding number and jump to the end/next song whenever we were good to go. I don't think that is the best solution, but I'm not sure how realistic my ideal option I asked about is.

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