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Default Is it really more stable with fewer programs ?

Hi all,

I'm tryin to decide how I'm gonna organize my new computer (OS wise)next week. I see 2 possibilities:
- To have a Linux to go on the web and a Windows 7 for everything else (daw, graphics, video, maybe games). 2 OS.
- To have a Linux to browse the web, a Windows 7 for all non-daw things, and another windows 7 just for making music. 3 OS.

I'm thinking about that because I always heard that it is better to have the simplest possible system, in other words an OS just for DAW.
I understand that a light registery gives a faster boot, but the rest is like a myth for me. I can also see that you can disable a few services more if you only use your OS for making music but..
Why would your daw performances be affected if you had some graphics and video editor, and games installed on your computer?

So what do you guys think about that? What would you do? Thanks in advance!
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Can you do the non-DAW things in Linux (which one, by the way?)
If so, then Option 1

Do you do a lot of complex non-DAW things?
If so, then Option 2, but you'll be rebooting frequently and need 2 Windows 7 licences

Do you do only a few (or simple) non-DAW things?
If so, then Option 1

How about:
New PC - DAW only, Internet connection for Software activation only
Old PC - Linux and non-DAW things.
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Hello Darkstar, thank you for taking the time.

I didn't know you need two licenses to have a dual-boot on your machine. I think it's crazy, but anyway..

I thought about keeping the old pc for non-daw things, but since I'd like to do music for games and therefore being able to play them, I 'll probably need to use the new pc for this. ( old pc is pantium4 windows xp )It is still an option, though

I think Ubuntu Studio could fill most of my non-daw needs, I just searched the web on found many nice things, So 4im probably going to do that( Ubuntu+Windows7 ).

Nevertheless, I'm still curious... What are the problems if you install video editing soft, games or other things on your daw computer? Are they the ones I listed above ( Heavier registry, need for more windows services,..) or are they more complicated things? Any information gladly appreciated !!!

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