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Default A few workflow challenges...

Hi everyone

After using Ableton Live, I just finished my first complex track in Reaper (v4.15, 32bit, OS X Lion), and I noticed a few things that interrupt my creative workflow. If anyone could help me with these, I'd be very glad

1. Duplicate Time, moving later items. I do electronic stuff, so I often need to duplicate the complete contents (items, envelopes, everything) of the current time selection. For example I decide a part in the middle of the song should be twice as long, but the second half without the hi-hats. I duplicate the part (everything behind that moves forward accordingly) and I delete the hi-hats in the duplicated area. Is this behavior possible in Reaper? I tried to create a custom action, but it doesn't work like I want it..

2. When I save my project for the first time and tick "Copy all media into project directory", it works, but the next time I open the "Save project as..." dialog, the default has become "Move all media into project directory"! It took me a while to find this, I was confused because the WAV files had "disappeared" from my sample library. Is this how it should be? And how can I change it so it stays at "Copy"?

3. Copy & paste when the first item is not on the grid:

As you can see, the first item (on the left) isn't on the grid. Let's assume it's really in-between two lines, not on 32ths or something like that. When I want to copy & paste these items, I can't paste it in the right spot. When I use "Item: Paste items/tracks", the items will be pasted so that the first item is at the edit cursor, which is not what I need. I need a copy of those eight bars on this track, preserving the position of the items.

Any help is appreciated!
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1. With regards to your first question, perhaps select the appropriate time selection and then from the INSERT menu use "empty space at time selection". This will insert empty space across all tracks.
2. I don't know about this one. I have not noticed this behavior.
3. If you are copying and pasting a time selection that is snapped to grid then the copy should snap to the nearest grid line and keep everything lined up relative to the time selection. If this is not the behavior you want there are some more options. You could disable snapping, or try free item positioning, maybe with ripple editing turned off. Try these options in various combinations to achieve the desired result.
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Import this config file. It will make your Reaper workflow like Ableton Live. But backup your own first
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In what way will Reaper work like Ableton Live?
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