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Default syncing multiple videos together via their audio streams

Having watched Kenny's YouTube presentation on editing multiple videos together: https://youtu.be/xN-geR1eHw0

...I'm wondering if there's way in Reaper to sync together the audio tracks of multiple camera video streams (or perhaps sync them all to a single external audio source, such as dedicated audio recorder track)....as might be done when recording a concert with several cameras, as well as recording the audio separately....as a 'master audio track' for the finished video ?

I know the time-honoured method is to use a clap-board as they do in the movie industry, or a similar short impulse (eg a snare hit) across all cameras at beginning and end of the event, or feed/share an audio stream (or time sync tone) to each camera during recording. Typically, you'd then manually stretch the files in Reaper's timeline, so that the impulse peaks lined up, at beginning and end of each file

However several video editors allow for such syncing to occur automatically...with a few seconds processing...purely by analyzing and comparing the multiple audio streams and designating one as the reference...without any need for a clap, snare hit or time code sync tone.

One such example is Power Director's "Sync by Audio" function, for its multicam editing plugin function.

You can see it in action in this YouTube video, from 1:28 to 4:45: https://youtu.be/uq7UYNUsbNo

Is there any equivalent functionality in Reaper, or a shortcut to achieve similar syncing using external plugins ?

Edit....after utilizing the syncing as per the Power Director example above, I'd then time-lock the tracks together in the Reaper timeline, and edit the video streams as per Kenny's video tutorial (linked at the top of this post)

Edit II: I wonder if the mpl Align-takes lua script would do this...does anyone have experience with this ?
Thank you for your help !

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