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Default [5.62] Render tracks to stereo stem (and mute originals) Track Grouping bug

Had a quick look and can't see anyone else with this bug.

When I "Render tracks to stereo stem tracks (and mute originals)", my Mute group via Track Grouping is not used i.e. the Mute only affects the track being rendered, not the Mute group.

The workaround is to manually Unmute/Mute each Track Group enabled track and problem solved.

1. Setup a Track Group with Mute Master and a few Mute Slaves
2. Add items to Mute Slave tracks
3. "Render tracks to stereo stem tracks (and mute originals)" on the Mute Master track

What I expect to happen is the Mute Master and Mute Slaves are all muted after the render.

What happens is the Mute Master is muted, but the Mute Slaves remain unmuted.

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