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Default Assign Transport Buttons to Actions?

The Transport Pause button has no Action Assigned AFAICS. How do I assign one, please?

I am having trouble with a couple of VST synths that do not stop sounding if I Pause mid-note duration. In the end I solved this with a Cycle Action that sends both "Play/Pause" and "Send all notes off to all MIDI outputs/plugins". Assign to the Spacebar.

That works fine with the Spacebar, which I use probably 80% of the time. But if I am working in "mouse mode" than I will use the pause button on the Transport notes off.

But if I hit the Transport Stop button, the notes do not hang. When I hover over the Stop Button, it pops up MediaKbdStop. I figured this was an Action and sure enough I found it.

Thanks for any help.
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