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Cojo Guitar
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Default New to Soft Synthesis: How to approximate EHX MINI SYNTH?

Hello Everyone!


I'm a lurker who rarely posts because my questions are so basic but I've searched the forums (and Google) and haven't been able to find what I'm after. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I heard a sound and I'm fixated on finding a solution.

I've become infatuated with the sound of an EHX Mini Synth that EHX released around 1980. I think it's more of a toy than a synth from what I've heard on Manny's Mic Locker. Here's a clip of what I'm hearing...

Producer: Manny Nieto Artist: Lemmo Title: The Outside


Does anyone know?...

A) Where I might be able to find an EH Mini Synth VSTi or a soft synth? Or...

B) Any direction on a preset/patch or how to recreate it using any soft synths from NI, IK, or Spectrasonics? I'm embarrassed to say I have just about all of them but don't know how to use them. Synths are outta my wheelhouse but I've become an inadvertent 'collector' of them.

I know it's a big ask so I apologize in advance.


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i'm not an expert and only listening on tiny built in speakers, but it sounds like a fairly generic saw wave sound to me, with distortion on it, and some sidechain ducking from the drums to give it some movement?
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Perhaps this:


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