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Default Multiple FCB1010 VST controllers help please

Greetings, I really hope you guys can help me. My idea is, I want to use Reaper as a VST-holder for amp-sim + stompboxes when we practice in our band. We have bought 3 FCB1010's (without UnO so far), and will use them to control the VST's.

My problem is, that when I try to learn a CC command in a VST, it doesnt understand that the command should be comming from only MIDI-IN-1. Basicly all 3 boards control the same VST.

Im using a M-Audio 4x4 MIDISport as MIDI-interfase.

Is there a way to have a certain MIDI-channel assigned to specific VST's within 1 track, so it doesnt affect the other tracks VST's?

As I am quite a newb when it comes to MIDI, I'd appreciate step by step guidance.

I hope for you help

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Hello Winthers and welcome to these forums. You'll find many helpful people here and a lot of useful information.

You are right - "MIDI learn" does not use the MIDI Device, it only uses MIDI channel and CC# to route a CC message to a VST parameter:

-- set the desired MIDI channel on a FCB1010
-- open the VST(i), twiddle the control,
-- click [Param] >> Learn
-- twiddle the FCB control
-- the received MIDI channel and CC# will appear in the MIDI Learn window
-- set the other options if needed
-- click [OK]

For another control on the same VST(i), repeat the above using a different FCB control.

For a different track / VST(i), change the MIDI channel on the FCB first.

Or, it may be enough to set the 3 FBC1010s to 3 different MDIi channels?
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Although this post is a few years old, I'm curious if you actually got it up and running!

I was thinking about the exact same hardware setup with three tracks containing bias fx as a plugin.
But before spending a few hundred euro's...... :-)

Thanks in advance!
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