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Default v6.52rc1 - March 19 2022

v6.52rc1 - March 19 2022
  • * Includes feature branch: media explorer pitch detection
  • * Includes feature branch: improved peak building
  • + Actions window: match UK spellings of various words
  • + Automation items: when looping in latch mode, ensure there is an automation item to record into [t=263124]
  • + Batch converter: add option to force single-threaded processing
  • + Custom menus: fix menu after reset to default on macOS
  • + FLAC/WavPack: improve lsb rounding for (17-23)/24-bit encodings
  • + FLAC/WavPack: use identical rounding logic as .wav writing for 24-bit samples [t=263082]
  • + FLAC: update to libflac 1.3.4
  • + Includes feature branch: extremely minor tweaks to PCM rounding (-0.5 goes to 0 rather than -1)
  • + JSFX: fix channel mapper/downmixer text alignment on non-retina macOS displays
  • + MIDI editor: add actions, menu items to load/unload .ReaScale files
  • + MIDI peaks: fix under-draw issue in continuous scrolling [Twitter]
  • + Media Explorer: rename .RPP-PROX when renaming .RPP files [t=263798]
  • + Media explorer: add actions to adjust pitch by +/- 1 cent
  • + Media explorer: add pitch knob option to adjust in cents
  • + Media explorer: add preference to preview .RPP projects
  • + Media explorer: add preference to suppress auto-render of proxy for previewing .RPP projects [t=260947]
  • + Media explorer: add toolbar button to enable/disable pitch detection
  • + Media explorer: fix context menu issues when opened via keystroke
  • + Media explorer: optionally detect pitch during playback
  • + Media explorer: shift+drag applies the previously selected pitch knob behavior (rather than always applying either continuous or semitone changes)
  • + Media explorer: smoother transition when adjusting preview pitch via actions
  • + Media explorer: support display feedback for actions to set pitch to X semitones
  • + Notation editor: action to identify chords considers all notes playing, not just notes that start at the target time position [t=263540]
  • + Notation editor: allow user-provided chords (from .ReaScale files) to override default chord names [p=2534376]
  • + Notation editor: don't show track/measure settings menu on left-click [t=238093]
  • + Notation editor: treat click on measure start area as a click on the first beat of the measure, even if there is a key signature or time signature change
  • + Peaks building: display file-level statistics
  • + Peaks building: improve behavior when reordering tracks/items
  • + Peaks building: improve multiprocessing use (4 or more cores when available)
  • + Peaks building: optimize spectral peaks/spectrogram calculation
  • + Project setting: add dropdown menu action to set project start measure to edit cursor position, rounded to nearest measure
  • + Project settings: add dropdown menu to support setting/resetting project start offset and project start measure similarly
  • + ReaFIR: add automatable parameter to adjust gain of EQ/threshold/noise profile curve
  • + ReaPlugs: improve parameter names
  • + Render: add action to re-display statistics from most recent render in web browser
  • + Render: add option to display/not display RMS in render statistics
  • + Render: add option to return to render setup window when render is finished [t=264054]
  • + Render: enable "save settings" button when changing render tail setting
  • + Render: ensure progress bar and stats are updated after rendering short regions
  • + Render: gray out add-metadata button when "embed metadata" is unchecked
  • + Render: greatly improve render speed when rendering many regions at once
  • + Rendering: avoid extra work relating to updating status in dock on macOS
  • + Text drawing: fix cropped glyphs for some fonts/italics combinations [t=262915]
  • + Theming: in themes that overlap controls and track icons, draw track icons below controls
  • + WavPack: fix incorrect truncation in 16-bit mode [t=261535]
  • + Wildcards: support $channels wildcard in render, batch converter, and bounce
  • # Media explorer: improve pitch detection of low notes
  • # Media explorer: pitch detection displays root note only
  • # Media explorer: pitch detection processes only channel 1 for multichannel files
  • # Media explorer: support legacy actions to set pitch and reload media [p=2529032]
  • # Media explorer: update knob position when changing pitch shift via action
  • # Notation editor: "identify chords on editor grid" only notates chords when they change [p=2533547]
  • # Notation editor: prevent crash when loading .ReaScale file from action or main file menu
  • # Peaks building: rebuilding peaks for selected item no longer interrupts other items whose peaks are building
  • # Project settings: clarify meaning of dropdown action to set measure 1 to current edit cursor position
  • # Render: ensure statistics displayed in render output window are in the same order as browser view
  • # Windows: add legacy_filebrowse=1 .ini file option to use old file browsing open/save API for accessibility purposes
This thread is for pre-release features discussion. Use the Feature Requests forum for other requests.

Changelog - Pre-Releases

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