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Default 5.982 Fade handle min:second display is missing (FIXED)

v5.982 portable on Win 7 x64. Problem is identical on three different machines.

In 5.981 and previous versions when moving fade handles or item edges, time of the fade/item trim info. was displayed as measures.beats/time in seconds.
In 5.982 now only measures.beats are displayed when moving fade handles and item edges.

I am using the same Reaper config and the same project.

In 5.981 my ruler time unit is set to Measures.Beats/Minutes:Seconds
In 5.982 My ruler time unit is set to Measures.Beats, secondary time unit is set to Minutes:Seconds.

Shouldn't these behave the same way? I have tried changing the ruler time unit to different options in 5.982, but I can only get fades to display time by changing primary ruler unit to minutes:seconds but then I lose Measures.beats in my ruler display.

This is unfortunate since I depend on the time display in the fade handles for my workflow.

Also, Measures.beats is not an option for secondary time unit? Not that I want it that way, it just seems strange that it's not an option.

I have attached gif links for each version.


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