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Default SnapEase initial post

In case you guys want an explanation:



P.S. this is just the girl at the bar I was flirting with, I'm back at home with the wife now...
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hey this is cool Justin Thanks!
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Looks like a cool app
There is a f**k bunch of little things that could be added here and there to make it killer for GUI designers
But it isn't designed for that so yeah good little tool

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Cool little app. Didn't go nuts on it, but it seems to work fine in OSX Leper.
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working fine on snow leopard. pretty slick program.

two things and it would be perfect:
- ability to create directory when browsing for a save location.
- an option for individual resizing.

three more things and it would be beyond perfect:
- hue adjustment.
- hue from b/w adjustment (the "colorize" effect)
- brightness/contrast adjustment.

I use adobe lightroom for things that this can do, which is totally awesome because SnapEase is about a trillion times faster and more responsive than lightroom.

P.S. if this could upload and update an xml file that a page could read and load the images off of... I could die a happy man.

I've always wanted this:
drag some images in
click to add some tags (for search purposes)
click to add the photo set it should be in
click upload

automatically generates and uploads the data required for tags/categories.

your online gallery has new images added and categorized.

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While useful and handy already, I noticed the lack of .tiff support.

Feature that would make me crazy for the app:
- Mode: Browse folders (list and show images as they are on hd).

That would make Phoenix Slides, and even Picasa completely redundant for me.

Other features I'd love to see:
- In fullscreen, go to next image with arrow keys or mouse scroll.
- Complete fullscreen.
- Zoom images in fullscreen.
- Option to disable smoothing/antialiasing (for those rare occasions).
- Adjustable size for the preview pics.
- Opening alias (shortcut) targets.
- Display scandic letters (åäö) in filenames.

The list seems long, but they are minor things. Browser mode would make me kill for the app.
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Originally Posted by Kundalinguist View Post
Cool little app. Didn't go nuts on it, but it seems to work fine in OSX Leper.
now there would be a good name for the next OSX!
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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