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Default New OSCii-bot project - modular implementation for controlling anything with anything

Hi all

I've been working on a modular approach of using OSCii-bot as a hub that everything connects to. I haven't seen anyone else doing this exactly.

This allows one to assign controls on a midi surface to more than one host. For example, on a single midi device I have VU meters lighting up from CueMix and transport controls for Reaper. I also have the Reaper script looking for tracks named "Phones", "Mix Bus", "Vocal Bus" and "Instrument Bus" so that I can manipulate those directly. On a nanoKontrol2 I have faders 1-6 assigned to CueMix channels and faders 7-8 assigned to Reaper tracks "Mix Bus" and "Phones". Unlimited flexibility.

So far I've created a script for Reaper, a script for MOTU CueMix, and a couple of scripts for midi devices. The scripts work like a translator or intermediary between the source and the destination.

It's all working really well for my purposes. I've got a decent framework in place but I'm not a coder so I just fumbled my way though this. If anyone is interested I would be happy to share my work or collaborate. Hit me up!

My thought was that a simple front-end application would be made available for the end-user generate script files for each of their devices. Scripts would be made available for a number of DAWs, etc.

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That's an interesting idea with both a hardware controller or the GUI able to alter the routing.
Put up the script files created on the post for the Reaper community to see?
There are not too many examples of EEL2 for OSCII-bot so the more that could be available for others the better...
Happy scripting
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Edit: Sorry about the wrong link! (I've fix it below.)

I've just dumped my files on the stash:

It's messy but I was learning as I went and I don't want to sink too much time unifying everything when it's working fine for me and no-one else is interested.

There is a "globalVariables" file that is imported into each script. This file contains the references to each of the scripts as well as the inter-script command variables.

I would welcome any feedback!


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