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jan hase
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Default How to call SerializeState()

Hello everyone,

I wanted to implement Chunks Un/SerializeState() Functions in my Plugin to save TextEntries. So i studied the behavior of IPlugChunks and recognized, that whenever a Slider of the Multislider is moved the SerializeState Function is called - so far so nice

So i Implemented it in my Plugin and whenever i turned a Knob SerializeState() was NOT called. So my question is, how can i make it that Serializestate() is called when I move my faders or knobs or change an TextEntry. i couldnt find anything doing that in IPlugChunks, it seems to me its build in the Multislider...but i couldnt find anything.
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I guess the ModifyCurrentPreset() call in this method of MultiSliderControlV causes the serialize function to be called :

void OnMouseUp(int x, int y, IMouseMod* pMod)
    //TODO: check this isn't going to cause problems... this will happen from the gui thread
Also in resource.h there is : #define PLUG_DOES_STATE_CHUNKS 1
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jan hase
Human being with feelings
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Posts: 25

Thank you Xenakios, ModifyCurrentPreset() works :-)
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