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Default Subprojects + ReaMote: A match made in heaven?

I think if Subprojects worked intuitively with Reamote, it could really open up a ton of possibilities.

Perhaps something like a "send subproject to Reamote slave" action which instead of having the subproject open in a new tab, it would open on the other computer.

I'm sure a lot of users have a primary DAW desktop and a laptop, or have upgraded their DAW but the old one still has plenty of life. This would be great for using a dedicated machine for recording/analog synths/drums, collaborations, or professional studios with multiple workstations, as an assistant could be prepping tracks or comping vocals while the main engineer works on other areas etc.

A few other points:
-Functionally I think this would be similar to rewiring Reaper to Reaper, but over a network with better integration (never used Rewire, so just guessing).

-The network resources needed would be very low as only a single audio stream would be sent from the slave for each subproject.

-There could be a "real-time mode" where the changes to the subproject are reflected immediately in the master project, and an "offline mode" where the subproject is only updated when manually instigated from either master or slave computer.

Any thoughts on this, or other ideas on how it might work?
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Very cool concept !
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This request has already been posted here before.

Subprojects should be usable in several modes:

a: (as currently) pre-rendered

b: not pre-rendered, but simply as a layer of managing the content: the SP is rendered when the main project is played back / rendered

c: (on top of "b") Reaper could provide a "Remote Subproject" functionality (via a TCP/IP communication channel) that allows for real-time rendering (i.e. exchanging start/stop/position, audio and Midi information in realtime). This should work as well for playback and for rendering.

Mode "c" would allow for easily adding computing power to a Reaper system and additionally it would take care of licenses that restrict VSTs to a single machine.

Remotely configuring a sub-project (as ReaMote tries but AFAIK fails in many cases) might be a problematic request, as the VST might not be installed on both machines - or not in the same locations - and remotely showing the GUI of a VST might be doable but a new, non trivial and "non-musical" programming task. SO IMHO for a start just exchanging realtime information and doing the configuration of the SP completely on the other machine is decently viable and useful.


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