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Default MTuner Crashes Project

So I started using MTuner and it's great but it almost gave me a panic attack. I put it on a track so I could find the key an 808 was in and worked out great. I did some work, saved the project, and closed Reaper. When I went to open the project back up later on it would try and load then crash. Luckily I do IT support for a living and was quickly able to identify the issue was with MTuner. So I uninstalled it and voila, the project opened. So for some reason MTuner is crashing my Reaper project. Anyone else experienced this?
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for a tuner, I'd use Reatune that comes with reaper... use the first tab

you can tweak the speed of it's response time to taste

of course there are other tuners but this one is quite nice
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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