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Default Random glitch - phantom audio from deleted tracks

Greetings Reaperphiles,

I'm posting this in case it helps someone else experiencing similar problems.

I created a macro to bump audio items (recorded output with fx, not just the input recording) to new tracks as they are recorded, so I can keep my guitar input tracks free for live looping and scratchpad composing, and keep processor load to a minimum.

Long story short, in the course of perfecting my macro, I ended up creating and deleting over 30 tracks. Emphasis on deleted, or so I thought.

After the unwanted tracks were gone, I kept hearing phantom audio whenever the project was playing. I'm not sure why the audio didn't totally vanish with deletion, but I finally figured out that the sends from those deleted tracks were still in place on my reverb buss, and once I deleted the unneeded sends the phantom audio went away.

So I figured out the fix, but if anyone knows why this phantom audio lives on after the source tracks are deleted, I'll be glad to learn what the cause is.

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Philbo King
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Wow - my vote for the 'Twilight Zone' bug award. A truly interesting one.
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