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Default Scarlet 2i2 nothing working.

I am trying to record guitar with the scarlet 2i2.I have looked for hrs trying to find how to set it up so it works.I am also trying to use it with the free Ignite Emisarry plugin.All I get is nothing working.Can someone post the steps I need to floow to get it to work?Thx.
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On Mac, just plug it in and set the device in Reaper Preferences > Audio > Device to Scarlett 2i2

On Windows, download the focusrite ASIO drivers and follow install instructions. Reaper should see Scarlett 2i2, possibly after a restart or login/out. Set device in preferences > audio > device.
If this should fail, you can still access the device using the WASAPI driver by making sure Scarlett 2i2 is set in Windows Sound control panel settings as the microphone input. ASIO is much more preferred.

Plug your guitar into channel 1, set it to INST. Set gain all the way to 0.
Create a track in Reaper and arm it and also monitor it. Set input to Input 1. Confirm guitar signal is showing up and load up Emissary (Great choice, btw).

Bonus: If you are using a laptop, unplug the power while recording to reduce noise if needed. Move the guitar away from any computer screens.
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In addition to Fergler's post above:
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Thx.Got it to work.Frustrating newbie stuff.
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Default ! :D

Cant resist! When all else fails, RTFM!

Seriously, welcome to the forums and may I suggest you check out the free video tutorials and of course the free user guide (all 197 gazillion pages of it!) both at reaper.fm

The videos are incredibly good. Take all the mystery out of getting started in Reaper for most folks.
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