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Default Is it possible to route takes to different tracks?

Let's say I have two audio takes on the same track. Now I would like to have them playing at the same time, and I would like to route the output audio from these takes to two new separate tracks. Is this possible?
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certainly possible, one way would be to use a take fx on each take and use that to route the audio so that the track becomes multi-channel, and then you can use sends to send to other tracks. Probably other ways as well, apart from the obvious of splitting the takes onto separate tracks in the first place, of course.

edit - toggle action play all takes
add ReaEQ (for example, doesn't have to do anything) to each take
set the pins on one ReaEQ to output on 3&4
add send to another track (3&4 to 1/2)

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why is 3 tracks and weird routing preferable to just putting each take on separate tracks?
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Thanks for the replies.

I'm testing new ways to edit drums. Yesterday I recorded five versions of the drums for a song in a studio with Pro Tools, and each version contains 10 mono files. I thought that it could be effective to edit by having multiple takes within one media item as in this video: https://youtu.be/Vu9n5AQetfI
But I don't know how to get it that way without recording in Reaper. It might of course be better to have five folder tracks and route tracks recorded with the same mic to the same track only visible in the mixer.

I know I could have done it this way as well: https://youtu.be/qO1W6yC7_6s
In my case the versions are not necessarily exclusive for each part of the song. Cycling through takes seams great when selecting between the best performance for a given section. But these versions of the drums might be placed other places in the song as well, and I might have two versions in the same section.
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