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Default Integrate SWS extension features in stock Reaper

SWS extension has many “must have” features for Reaper. You wonder: “Why Cockos did not include such features in Reaper? Why do you need to install extension to get simple and obvious features?”

For example: auto color track and choose layout for track depending on its name (you can set rule for Folders, Buses, FX, etc.)

I suggest to add most of the features from SWS extension to native Reaper code.
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Most likely won't happen.
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Obviously and understandably Cockos does not want to provide ongoing support for even more than everything that is included in the current distribution (plus new stuff they themselves decide to add).

OTOH, IMHO, (to allow newcomers to more easily get up to speed with additional features) it would be very desirable to have ReaPack in the stock distribution (seems like much less prone to support than SWS) and to have SWS features findable and installable via ReaPack.

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Agreed, likely won't happen for all (or most) SWS features but for some specific complex things it would make sense imo. The Snapshots feature is one for example, as it never worked 100% correctly and it's rather hard to keep in sync with Reaper development I think.
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ReaPack included would be awesome, as this makes onboarding for new users easier in regards of installing the many things done by the community. This makes Reaper really really useful, as soon as you know of that.

SWS would be cool to be installable via ReaPack. As far as I could see, the only thing not possible yet is installing the grooves from the grooves-tool. All other things should be installable already.
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