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Default LCS Theme List

This is mostly for me to condense my signature to 1 entry.
The following are only themes I might possibly update in the future.

The following entries are also links to the Forum threads for that theme.
The Stash links can be found at the top of the first post in the forum thread.

== Themes With Theme Adjusters ==









LCS_Session-6 :: Day & Night versions

== Non-Theme Adjuster Themes ==




- - - - - - - -



- - - - - - - -




LCS-mod_Short (also has a 'dark' version)

- - - - - - - -

LCS_Reflection (also has a 'bright' version)

LCS_reFraction-2 (also has a 'bright' version)

- - - - - - - -

If you need to re-download, here is the STASH LIST

== Troubleshooting Theme Adjuster Issues ==

For LCS themes that have a custom Theme Adjuster, please follow the directions given with that theme adjuster.
If it isn't working then check the notes below:

1. Some LCS themes use the default Theme Adjuster.
These need no additional install for the theme adjuster to work.

2. Some use a custom theme adjuster
These Theme Adjusters need to go in Reaper/Scripts/Cockos folder otherwise the images for the adjuster won't load.

3. Some use a custom theme adjuster with a folder that has custom images.
These Theme Adjusters should be placed in the Reaper/Scripts folder.
These can likely also be placed anywhere you have custom scripts as long as you put the corresponding image folder in the folder with the script.

LCS Themes

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Gawd, Lucas. You're so lazy.

Thanks for all the hard work and great themes. I know you didn't post this for praise. Well... too bad, You're gettin' it, anyway.

New Music: = Mourning Marrs =
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We appreciate everything, Lucas.
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Yes... Thank you, Lucas!

You are one of the many brilliant & generous people in the Reaper community.
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AMEN !!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^
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Thanks for all of your outstanding work Lucas. I can't see any theme ever replacing LCS Sesshin on my systems.
Living my life and ignoring all of the BS that is presently being force-fed to us by the powers that be.
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