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Default Combining two MIDI notes or CC commands to create a new one

I've been really enjoying setting up live configs and have found it along with many of the SWS scripts to be extraordinarily useful. I have an 8 button midi foot pedal I made using a joystick pcb.

Reaper allows standard windows joysticks to come in as midi devices and it outputs the button presses as notes. I've taken the notes and sent them through 8 instances of MIDI Route Note to Channel and split each note on to it's own channel. From there, each individual note is passed to a corresponding MIDI convert to CC where they are put on to a common CC# and assigned an incrementing CC value. The CC output is all on a common channel which then goes to MIDItoReaControlPath which allows Live configs to easily pick the output up. Convoluted yes, but it works great and the scripts are not exactly cpu taxing, so having a bunch of them isn't really a big deal.

I created some Cycle actions to change the config banks (for lack of a better term) in Live configs. I have them mapped to a touch screen button. I was hoping to find a way to map functions to a simultaneous button press so I could advance through the different Live Config setups.

Suffice to say, I haven't found a script or plugin that helps me to detect a combination of midi inputs and convert them to a unique, individual output (this could be a note, pc or cc, doesn't matter, just something). Is anyone aware of something that could help with this challenge?
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