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Default Audio Device Settings Presets

Use case:
I have two different interfaces, and three different setups for recording vs playback.
For example:
Interface 1 that I use for vocals (mid-low latency) but need multitrack playback when tracking.
Interface 1 Ultra-low latency for instrument recording.
Interface 1 best quality playback for mixing.
Interface 2 (low latency) for recording multitrack.
Anyway, you get the idea.

I've tweaked these setting to be just what I need, but I have to keep them written on a piece of paper to be sure I've reset them right when switching.

Both Interfaces use Asio, so your latest feature (6.75) of saving the settings with the system type doesn't do it.

If the whole set (system, driver, inputs, outputs, block size, sample rates, etc.) could be saved as a preset with a Name, it could all be set at once.

for extra credit, create an action so the presets could be switched with a keystroke.
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