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Default Can't remove VSTs from custom folders

I have a bunch of custom folders I made and I'm trying to clean things up and remove some old x86 versions of plugins. When I right-click and select "remove from folder" nothing happens. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

This is only for third party vsts, Reaper FX such as ReaComp seem to delete fine
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I have no idea why that's not working but, if no one else chimes in and you're comfortable doing so, you could try deleting the problem plugs from the following file, which you can open with a text editor. The file is in your Reaper resource path. As always, you should back up the original before proceeding.

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Right click developers and click "Cache and re-scan plugins to populate"

For me it always gives the most updated list of plugins that are actually on my system so it should work for you.
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