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jan hase
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Default IPlug and Cairo 2018

hey everyone,

i programmed a simple oscilloscope and i found LICE is not enough to do the job.

so i found this great tutorial, about how to integrate cairo into wdl-ol:

but the static built of cairo there is for VS2013 and Wdl-ol also progressed since then and i cant get it to work with VS2017

So my question, does anyone have a WDL-Ol version with cairo integrated working in Visual Studio 2017 and would you share it or is there a guide somewhere?

From what i got, IPlug 2 (

is exactly what i want, but i dont think its out yet...and i want cairo to work now :-P

thanks in advance!
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Youlean's IPlug branch has Cairo integrated almost completely out of the box, including with VS2017. On Windows I believe there's an included project to build the Cairo libraries that you'll have to run initially, but I haven't checked in a few months. I'd hop over to the thread for his branch if you have more questions - I'm sure most of them have already been answered in some capacity.

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jan hase
Human being with feelings
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 16

thank you for your response!

he told me, he is not going to openly support youlean any further. and i couldnt get it to work.
when i tried to build cairo it told me i dont have the right sdk...but mine was newer, then the required one. so that was a deadend for me. so my idea was someone can send me a copy of his ready built cairo...but maybe this is not working?...i am quite new to it i really dive into this deeply and hack it or i ll wait for iplug2 or i debug my youlean issues. hmmm....
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