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Default Visualizing Track Banks (MidiMix)

Im using an Akai Midimix via the OSCII-bot, and it works perfectly. Its just really annoying to be having to figure out where you are in your mixer, because there is no way of seeing the active tracks.
Is it possible in any way to maybe highlight the Tracks that are currently controlled by the Controller? If not in the mixer it self, could it be possible to make a script that runs below the mixer and draws little white squares under the active tracks?

That would be awesome!

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Yes it must be possible because my Korg Nanos do exactly this.

Unfortunately I didnt write the maps for the korg in reaper but maybe if you have a look at those it might give you some idea of how to work it for your Akai.

Search on Korg NanoKontrol on here. One that comes to mind was called OakNano.
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