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Default Item grouping functionality for Automation Items.

Just select an Item and an Automation Item underneath it (or multiple AI's underneath) and apply the wished-for revised Item Grouping;

- Moving that Item would move the grouped AI's also. (way more easier workflow than turning on/off the Action: "envelope points move with media items")

- Cutting and trimming would apply to the Item AND the grouped AI's at the same time.

- Making a selection in the Item will select the same area in the grouped AI's.

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+1. all of this (recent FRs for split, delete, select under mouse cursor, etc) is increasingly pointing to the classification of AIs as normal media items as far as actions are concerned.

i can also see requests coming down the pipeline for "reverse item" working on AIs (and midi) as well

sorry for the hijack, i'm just seeing a theme here
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+1 * 1000
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