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Default Visual-only "Freeze Track" like Excel's "Freeze Row"

This has probably been mentioned before. One thing I miss in both Reaper and PT (not sure if other DAWs have it), is the ability to lock/freeze a track (or set of tracks) to the top of the edit/arrange window. I hate to use the term FREEZE as that means something entirely different in Reaper. I do mean just visually lock tracks to prevent vertical scrolling.

Example - a video guide track, or set of guide tracks. I typically have those right below the video track, and constantly need to mute/unmute those. While I'm working I keep having to scroll up to mute/unmute, and then back down to my working area. It doesn't take many tracks for these to be too far apart to see on screen at once.

The clear example is an Excel spreadsheet where you lock the top row or two to use as column headers, so when you scroll up and down those don't move.

It would be sort of like another dock, where you'd assign specific tracks to live in that dock.
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