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Default OSC Selected Track - 2 little bits

This is all little stuff that I could use in my everyday work, as could anyone else who uses OSC touch screen apps like TouchOSC, Lemur, etc.

Send Mutes of selected tracks
I use OSC for controlling send levels and mutes.
See this post for the Lemur project and a screenshot.

So far I have to use actions to toggle the send mute, and thus have no indication on the tablet display for the status of send mutes.

Making it possible to do this in the OSC config would enable more useful feedback for a selected track. This post is the original request in the OSC forum.

OSC Selected Track send level controls all selected tracks
At first I thought this not being there was a bug. After all, you could midi-learn a midi CC resource to control "send volume 1" for example across all selected tracks.

Its OSC counterpart does not work this way. It would be consistent if it did.

This thread in the bug report forum illustrates the details.

There. That's two little helping hands to improve mixing workflows when using OSC.

Immediate improvements for all OSC users. I'll be sure to spread that around when it happens .
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