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Default Maximum video resolution with ambisonic playback

Greetings Reaper experts.

I am collaborating with a sound artist who is looking to use Reaper with some ambisonic plugins driving a custom speaker array, and I am supplying video content to sync to it. Ideally I would create a superwide video file of say 5760x1080 or 3840x720 add to a video track in Reaper with the output fed into a Matrox Triplehead2go and directed to 3 projectors.

I'm looking for the simplest way to play back all audio and video in sync.
So my main question is what is the max video resolution Reaper can handle in a video track? Or is it simply dependent on the computer hardware as to what will playback smoothly and in conjunction with driving the ambisonics simultaneously?

Is there a better way to accomplish this with other software/devices? If Reaper can playback the video smoothly and in sync within the same project then it seems a no-brainer....

Anyone have any experience/suggestions to accomplish this? Or should i just throw some media into a session once he gets the speakers working and see what happens?

Cheers for any help.
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Video for a live show? Just guessing...

You might have better luck in the Reaper video forum.

For that kind of video resolution plus ambisonics you will need a killer machine with a fast huge drive...

You might consider getting all the audio processing done in a separate project first and saving it as a multichannel file, then adding that file to a single track for use syncing up the video to it.
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I've loaded up to 5.7k/360VR with Ambix audio - seeking slows down if zoomed in IIRC.
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It will be an installation based work that will run on a loop, so kind of live show i guess.
Three screens plus the ambisonics.

We're both totally noob to getting this all working together cleanly, and thought maybe Reaper could do it all. Might just have to do a test run and see what the results will be. I've got access to a couple fast machines if needed.
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