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Default [v4.591] Suggestion: Allow insertion of plugin/s specifically for Rendering

There are some cases when a user only needs a certain plugin during the mix-down, while she doesn't want that plugin engaged at any other time (to save CPU time, for instance).

For example, it is unreasonable to have a dithering plugin in the signal chain while mixing, dithering is only relevant for the mix-down to a lower bit depth. However, in a workflow when one occasionally mixes down the project while working on it, currently one has to either remember to switch on and off the dithering plugin every time before and after the mix-down, or keep it always on. The same would go for Limiters in certain situations.

Suggested alternative ways to implement:

1) This could be implemented by adding a single insert specifically to the Render to File window, so the inserted plugin would only be engaged during the mix-down.

2) Another implementation might be adding an option to only engage the plugins inserted on the Master channel during mix-down. This way it would also allow more flexibility than incorporating a single plug-in in the "Render to File" menu. So one could, for example, have a limiter and a dithering plugin transparently showing in one's Master channel inserts, while having them engaged only during mix-down. However, this approach would also suggest implementing a mechanism to actually listen to Master effects chain before the mix-down.

3) As a better variant of (2), this might be implemented, for instance, by adding an option to process the *bypassed* plugins inserted in the Master channel on mix-down. That would transparently allow the user to instantly choose one of the following: having the plugins on the Master channel engaged on audition and render (plugins un-bypassed), OR disengaged on audition, engaged on render (plugins bypassed), OR disabled entirely on both audition and render (plugins disabled).

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