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Default FX buffers on rendered tracks


I often encounter this problem: when I render a track, there's a sound at the beginning of the project (which weirdly sometimes gets blended in and sometimes added in front of the actual project? might be wrong about that) which I think would be the fx buffers being cleared. Sometimes (can't say when reliably) the clearing happens after rendering has stopped.

I think I have fixed it somehow by always remembering to hit STOP before rendering out a track. Still, this shouldn't happen, right? If I do render my own electroic tracks, I don't really care and actually welcome it as some sort of quasi randomness added to the track, but if I work on other peoples stuff..not so great!

I THINK it only happens with certain plugins, too.

Is there any way to reliably clear the buffers? If not I'll have to mess around with custom batch commands for rendering..
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