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Default need to lower 2LUFS to reach target / Lower volume of all tracks Vs lower threshold o

hi i need to lower all project own by 2LUFS

i have two options

1) Lower volume of all tracks

2) lower threshold on maximizer

whats the benefit of each which one u recommend?

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Use the maximizer to lower the ouput. Or the master fader. Or put a gain plugin plugin last in the master chain, and set it to -2dB, that's likely what I would do. Anything you do before the maximizer will influence the sonics. And you're not trying to influence the sonics, just lower the output level of the master.
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I suppose we’d need to know what maximizer, and frankly I don’t use that kind of plugin, but I feel like lowering the threshold is going to increase the perceived loudness as these plugins work by reducing peaks and then applying makeup gain. Actually on top of making it louder, it’ll also change the whole sound.

Reducing volume of all tracks before the maximizer will definitely reduce loudness as long as you don’t compensate by bringing the threshold down, but again that changes the sound.

Turning down the output ceiling of the maximizer will reduce the amount of makeup gain but leave the sound the same. It is the same as turning down the master fader. In both cases, it’s going to affect both overall loudness AND peak levels. Basically it leaves your crest factor the same but just turns the whole thing down and I’m not sure how that helps.

If you have actually adjusted that maximizer so that your mix hits it just right and it sounds exactly the way you want it, then either just leave it (who’s telling you it’s too loud???) or turn it down at the master fader.

If this is just hamfisted “mastering” trying to force a mix to some standard without regard for how it sounds, then increase the threshold of the maximizer so that it’s not smashing the thing so hard and let makeup gain do the rest.

PS - Turning it down 2db won’t necessarily reduce the loudness by 2LUFS, you’ll need to experiment to find the right setting, to whatever accuracy matters to you.

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