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Default ♤ ♧ Deciding btwn Midi Controller - iPAD vs old school ♡ ♢

I am looking to invest in a MIDI controller to use with my Ableton. I'm deciding whether I should invest in the necessary interface and software for iPad connectivity (approx iConnectMIDI $200 + Lemur app $50 = $250)

♢ OR ♢

whether I should go the old school route and invest in a standard Pad Controller. If you think the later, I would love♡to hear recommendations of a controller.

[FYI I will be using the MIDI controller mainly to sample my custom patches]

Thank you for all help.

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What about TouchOSC and iRig-Midi? (A little cheaper & I think? it does the same as the ones you mentioned).

Or use TouchOSC to connect OSC and MIDI to your computer? (Using TouchOSC bridge for the midi). I don't use it that often, but sometimes I use this to control VST Synth parameters while working in Reaper. I've never used a hardware controller, so I can't offer a comparison.
James Gilbert
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