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Default (At my wits end!) Reaper – Digi002 – Rekon Audio Virus Editor

I have a pretty specific situation that I am hoping may be answered with some general knowledge (that I don't have) - I apologize in advance as this question requires some background first and may be a bit long but I would appreciate the help! I am pulling my hair out and my wife is going to murder me soon.
I am trying to integrate my Virus KC synthesizer by using the "Rekon Audio Virus editor VST". I am having some issues getting everything to work, I won't go into the details of the VST setup itself, the demonstrably VAGUE manual is giving me enough grief, but I think I understand what is SUPPOSED to be happening and I have even spoken to the developer.
I have a Digi002. The Virus midi in/out go into the Digi002. To use the VST, the plug-in requires the midi ports going to/from my Synth to be disabled in the HOST (Reaper), these are used independently by the editor VST itself to function properly. Since the host is not able to use this midi port, a controller must be used to send notes through the editor and back to the HOST if I want to record anything. I have a MicroX for that… which is unfortunate (also it uses USB for midi so it is not routed through the Digi002.
So anyways, this part I believe I understand. If I set it up correctly… sometimes it works. Sort of. Other times it doesn’t, after following the exact same procedure.
I believe there is an issue involving ASIO drivers being used as the Digi002 configuration has always been problematic in Reaper. I have downloaded every Digi Asio Driver I can think of; I’ve even had blue screens of death in trying to use the Digi003 ASIO driver and additional blue screens relating to the firewire port as a result.
They have all been removed (in the registry as well). I am now using for Digi 002 Console and 003 Consoles from Mar 8, 2011. I have also been trying to use the ASIO4ALL drivers, which is also problematic.
I understand there is such a thing as a “standalone” Digi ASIO driver. Is there a big difference than one made for the Pro Tools platform? Is there one compatible with Windows 7 64BIT? I have looked everywhere and it appears that there is not.
Is there an ASIO driver that I am not using here that may offer me better results? Or is there another type of driver that will allow me to use the audio/SPDIF (I use a VRM Box for additional headphone monitoring) and MIDI of the Digi002 that is not ASIO?
Long story short, everything is physically connected properly, I am fairly confident that my Reaper setup is correct, it’s down to the Digi002 and drivers. I do not know if they are stable, I do not know if they can be improved or tweaked. Are there diagnostic tools for this kind of thing?
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My setup is crippled at this point (VST editor or not, the Digi002/drivers are giving me grief regardless and I can’t afford to go out and buy a new interface – financially and… marriagely. :P)
Thank you!

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