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Default Synth Sound ID or Programming hints.

In the first 2 seconds of this track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_K-CqHBZx4 there is a bass(ish) arp running.
It's crops up a few times during the intro where the arp is morphing/cutting from sound to sound.

I'm new to programming and out of the Synths I have I don't have a sound like this which I do rather like, this may come from my love of this song and not the sound but that's the way it is.

I know the band aside from using a lot of old Akai samplers used mostly Waldorf and Nord back then. I've also been told there's a Z3ta+ patch With Microwave in the name which sounds close but I'm on a Mac so can't find out for myself. That hint's even more that it's From a Waldorf Wavetable type synth.

Please I know the song is not to most peoples tastes Project Pitchfork are very much a love/hate band with a lot of people outside of Europe on the hate side. So please just info on the Synth or programming Tips

You may ask what I have
DCAM Synth Squad

Maybe I need to add some Waldorf to my life????
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