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Default Select offline and bypassed FX in chain

Can we get an option to select all offline/bypassed FX within chain?

Meaning, you go to EDIT menu in FX chain for a track, and there are two new command:
* Select all offline FX
* Select all bypassed FX

Reason: I have extensive default FX chain for processing midi tracks. Most FX in it are offline, and I turn them on as needed. After getting desired sound, I like to remove all bypassed and offline FX.

There is a action by mpl to do this, but it is extremely slow, it goes through plugins one by one, and it removes one plugin every 5 seconds. It takes forever. Internal function to select all, and remove them with one click would be much faster.
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It is probably an API request to add no_commit variable to Take/TrackFX_Delete(), so it will allow to delete all needed FX while looping them, commit changes to project on last call.
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