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hey man
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Default Build #43 now released!

Should (hopefully) fix the "pure virtual function call" error that some people are getting. Also has a bunch of other fixes, and a much faster image loader so that the pipeline is much less likely to stall.

Download from here:


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the other link wasn't working...

it's working for me now. it would be cool to see support for flickr added in a future release.

also, non-debris related: are you considering adding download & upload speeds to the bmem stats?
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hey man
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Whoops, thanks for correcting that link.

I do want to add RSS/flickr support at some point. That would probably rock all kinds. Someday People have told me putting
into the download URL results in something kinda decent, but then you only get the thumbnails, not the original sized images.

Someday as well I'd like to add network bandwidth display (and disk usage etc) to bmem but I don't really have the kind of time it would require to research the APIs for it. If you know how to get that information or know someone who does, please let me know.

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