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hey man
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Default New build! Debris Visual Art build 48

Here's what's new in Debris Visual Art build 48:
» altavista random images now the default image source
» made drag-and-drop images bypass image min/max size checks (still can't be bigger than canvas tho)
» added a button to add files directly to the image cache (like drag-and-drop)
» added options to randomly flip final rendered frame h/v (before accum buf)
» got rid of fullscreen frame option
» random rotation option now sticks to 90degree increments
» wayyy faster image edge smoothing. 10ms or so per iteration.
» tightened up windowed display border to 2 pixels
» optimized image placement algorithm (more CPU needed now but it's worth it)
» learned about converting from sRGB (jpg/png/lcd monitor native format) to linear colorspace
» switched to linear colorspace for placement (from default sRGB)
» linear colorspace for frame crossfade, way more solid/smooth now (used to slightly dim)
» rewrote contrast for linear color space
» rewrote saturation for linear color space
» and more

In particular it might be noteworthy that there is now a button to add image files directly to the image cache. I'm hoping this will make Debris even more friendly to automation/macro software (like AutoHotKey for example.)

Enjoy! And don't forget to post your feedback/thoughts/images to this forum. (I recommend checking out if you need a place to host your images.)
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Human being with feelings
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I just rediscovered Debris Visual Art - thanks a lot for the update :-)

"There's a certain detail seen here."
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Human being with feelings
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Haven't sent any love to you lately. Can you please make one of these for audio too, Brennan? :-)
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