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Default Type of Meters option in TCP not applied when rec armed

I am not sure if this is a bug or not.

In recent versions of Reaper(since v6.35), I can choose the type of Meters on TCP. For example, the default is multichannel peaks and I can change it into multichannel RMS or LUFS.

It works when playing through the track. But when the track is rec armed, the input signal's metering isn't changed to the option that I chose. It is still the multichannel peaks whether or not I changed it into RMS, for instance.

I think, for the sake of consistency, a symmetry between metering options is better here.

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Post by schwa(*):
A record-armed track will always show peaks on the meter.

Personally when recording audio I also prefer seeing peaks for not clipping converters.

(*)Although that post is a bit older meanwhile it was during the metering development cycle and this hasn't changed afaik.

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