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Default Installation soundmagic/neovst Piano One in reaper fails

after downloading and extracting the Piano1.rar-file, I tried to install Piano One using the 64bit-msi-installer.

The installer saved the 64bit-dll-file into C:\program files\VSTplugins as desired during installation process (this is the folder where the other installed VST-Instruments are also located and reaper is configured to know this path).

But even after restarting reaper and my windows-system, I can not see PianoOne in my VST-Instruments. Even if I manually copy both the ins- and png-file into C:\Users\Public\Documents\SoundMagic\Neo_Piano\Ins truments as descibed in the manual nothing changes. Whereas all the other instrument-plugins located in the same folder are visible in reaper, Piano One stays invisible and can not be seen in reaper.


When I look into the vstplugins64.ini, I see that neo_piano's entry is shorter and seems to be incomplete:

reacast.dll=001428AEBD24D701,1919246691,ReaCast (Cockos)
reacomp.dll=0010E72EBE24D701,1919247213,ReaComp (Cockos)
reacontrolmidi.dll=002DBAD0BD24D701,1919118692,Rea ControlMIDI (Cockos)
readelay.dll=0089532BBE24D701,1919247468,ReaDelay (Cockos)
reaeq.dll=003D1830BE24D701,1919247729,ReaEQ (Cockos)
reafir.dll=0089532BBE24D701,1919247986,ReaFir (FFT EQ+Dynamics Processor) (Cockos)
reagate.dll=00D58E26BE24D701,1919248244,ReaGate (Cockos)
reainsert.dll=007B2C24BE24D701,1919250281,ReaInser t (Cockos)
reaninjam.dll=00B3C840BE24D701,1919250026,ReaNINJA M (Cockos)
reapitch.dll=0021CA21BE24D701,1919250531,ReaPitch (Cockos)
reasamplomatic.dll=007B2C24BE24D701,1920167789,Rea SamplOmatic5000 (Cockos)!!!VSTi
reastream.dll=004EFB22BE24D701,1920169074,ReaStrea m (Cockos) (8ch)
reasurround.dll=007CB1B7BD24D701,1920168548,ReaSur round (Cockos)
reasyndr.dll=009A361EBE24D701,1919251300,ReaSynDr (Cockos) (4 out)!!!VSTi
reasynth.dll=0013A31ABE24D701,1919251321,ReaSynth (Cockos)!!!VSTi
reatune.dll=006D051DBE24D701,1919251566,ReaTune (Cockos)
reaverb.dll=00F49820BE24D701,1919252066,ReaVerb (Cockos)
reaverbate.dll=0002C027BE24D701,1920361016,ReaVerb ate (Cockos)
reavocode.dll=008C0F17BE24D701,1919252068,ReaVocod e (Cockos)
reavoice.dll=0032AD14BE24D701,1919252067,ReaVoice (Cockos)
reaxcomp.dll=00D84A12BE24D701,1919252579,ReaXcomp (Cockos)
4Front_Piano_Module.dll=00F9895CD139C301,877023310 ,Piano Module (x86) (4Front)!!!VSTi
MT_PowerDrumKit.dll=87808F1D8293D501,1297371204,MT-PowerDrumKit (MANDA AUDIO) (16 out)!!!VSTi
ABPL2.dll=002D33D10EA6D101,1634757747,Ample Bass P Lite II (Ample Sound)!!!VSTi
AGML2.dll=004C17A85B98D101,1097690227,Ample Guitar M II Lite (Ample Sound)!!!VSTi
Kontakt.dll=00A9649A4D04D701,1315513412,Kontakt (Native Instruments GmbH) (64 out)!!!VSTi

Is there an error inside the installation-rar-archive or the written *.dll? Downloading piano1 was not available until appr. 25.3.2021, so that there could be a faulty new version now? Why is the VST-Instrument not shown in reaper, although the dll is located in the right folder? Thanks for a short answer. I'm using Windows10Pro64bit and reaper 6.26

After asking the neovst-support for a solution, I have been asked to check, whether the plugin has been disabled or blacklisted?

But how?

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Prefs/VST/Rescan/Plugs that filed to scan.

This is the blacklist. Try selecting it again from there.
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Here I see that there's a problem concerning the scan.

plugin failed to scan

If I click at the displayed dll, nothing happens, plugin stays 'failed'

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Human being with feelings
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Maybe a missing runtime or something....you might try one of the all in one runtime installers.

Also worth trying the dll in a different location in case it doesn't like this one for some reason.

FWIW I just downloaded and installed and it scanned no problem.
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